Cobook is buggy

Following Aleh’s entry on contact management I decided to give CoBook a try. But it’s really buggy and doesn’t seem to work well with Yosemite. The Latvian company which built CoBook was recently bought by FullContact and while they’ve promised to keep everything running, right now it’s unusable.

The problem for me emerges after I have had cobook open for a few minutes. (When I first open it it works fine). What happens is when I try to modify a field in the contact (such as add tags or notes), I put the cursor in the box with the plus sign. Normally this should allow you to type and little dropdown box should appear to select which field you modify (eg. tags, notes etc.). But what it does is jumps to the search field on the right to search for new contacts. (See screenshot).

cobook bug

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Jessica Jewell is an Associate Professor at Chalmers University of Technology and a Professor at University of Bergen where she researches the feasibility of climate action (
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3 Responses to Cobook is buggy

  1. Strange, I am on Yosemite (clean install) and experience no issues with Cobook. Can you describe the bugs you notice and what makes the app unusable for you?


  2. Jessica Jewell says:

    Thanks for your comment! I documented the bug now in the entry.


  3. Thanks for detailing the bug. I don’t have this issue on my machine, all working as expected, I can type and get the dropdown box. Perhaps it is some issue affecting only some users. Anyway, Cobook released an update today, perhaps this solves the problem for you.


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