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What software do I really need for academic work on Mac?

A reader has just challenged me to re-think the software I use for academic work on Mac. Well, there are over 250 items in my Applications folder, but how many do I need to remain productive? So imagine that I have a completely new Mac with no … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs’ lesson on email and job priorities

Some of Steve Jobs’ lessons on email and job priorities were captured by Lucy Kellaway of Financial Times  in 2010, about a year before his death. I especially enjoy this one: “The first lesson is about brevity. Her initial message was 473 words. His … Continue reading

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When and how to use email reminders

Reminders sent by email are not only unpleasant but often counterproductive. I must admit that sometimes they actually make me less willing to do what is asked for. Therefore e-mail reminders should be used sparingly when the person who is … Continue reading

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Two emails

Monday morning. I am looking at an email message  and feel I am about to lose it. The red text reminds  that the time is flying and I am hopelessly behind. The blue text confuses or irritates. The infamous “Thanks … Continue reading

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On vacation with SaneBox

In order to keep email from taking over my vacation I have created a custom defer folder on SaneBox called @SaneVacation. It is similar to how I use SaneBox to defer emails during the year, except that the defer date is set to … Continue reading

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Sending files which are too large for e-mail

I have recently asked a colleague to share one of her publications with me. I did not hear from her, but after a week or so, while cleaning my @SaneLater box, I discovered an email sent by her from an unfamiliar address and … Continue reading

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Welcome back, MailTags!

Last November, I uninstalled MailTags 3.1 because they significantly slowed down my Mac. About  1.5 months ago Scott from Indev mentioned the release of MailTags 3.2. I re-installed them and have not experienced any issues ever since. I enjoy MailTags … Continue reading

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