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Finding reference files

Finding general reference files is less exact and requires more intuition than naming and saving them. The choice of search tools depends primarily upon how much you remember about the file(s) you need to find. If you are lucky to … Continue reading

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Revisiting reference files

Academics deal with thousands of reference files (text documents, data sheets, images), which are sent by email, downloaded from the Internet, or obtained in other ways. To use MacPowerUsers‘ terms, ‘gathering’ of these files in neat hierarchical folders is not an … Continue reading

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Sending files by email: good habits and useful tricks

Effectively handling file attachments is an important part of productive email habits. This post focuses on sending attachments. The attachments you receive are covered in the post on organizing email. The rule number one is to question whether an attachment … Continue reading

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Note taking software part 2: tango with a twist

In this post I focus on the practical side of my note-taking. The main application I use is called Notational Velocity (NV). I started to use NV with Simplenote following MacSparky’s excellent post on Simplenote – NV Tango. After a … Continue reading

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Note taking software part 1: what works and what does not

Academics need to capturing ideas and pieces of knowledge while doing other things: processing emails, sitting in meetings, listening to students’ presentations, reading books or articles, listening to podcasts, surfing the web. This capture process should be on the one … Continue reading

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Tagging is attaching “tags” or keywords to your files (pdf documents, images, data tables, mail messages, text notes, etc.) which would allow finding them easily. Tagging is a more advanced method of organizing information than sorting it into hierarchical folders. … Continue reading

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