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When there is no time for OmniFocus: TaskPaper

If you have ever worked on finalizing a paper you’re familiar with a long list of little (and not-so-little) things to do (e.g. ‘convert Figure 2 to black-and-white’ or ‘cite a particular individual more extensively’). Instead, of keeping such lists … Continue reading

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OmniFocus Statistics

It may feel depressing to open OmniFocus for a review after a week of hard work only to find out that its Inbox is overflowing and the pile of unfinished tasks is the same as a week ago. My anti-depressant … Continue reading

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How often is weekly: a reflection on OmniFocus reviews

How often should we press the Review button on the OmniFocus toolbar? The GTD system recommends weekly reviews. By default OmniFocus creates a weekly review schedule for each project (although you can change it through the Project Inspector). This is logical … Continue reading

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Academic writing, task management, and OmniFocus

Task management systems, invented to increase focus and productivity, may become a source of distraction and procrastination. I certainly learned that when I tried to integrate my academic writing with OmniFocus. OmniFocus provides reminders, information, and space to decide what should … Continue reading

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Task management with OmniFocus: reviewing

Weekly review is a key element of the GTD system. Without it,  lists of tasks and projects quickly become outdated leading to loss of trust and eventually to irrelevance of your task management system. Although reviews do not depend on a particular … Continue reading

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Task management with OmniFocus: doing

Processing and organizing with OmniFocus is often so helpful on its own that I don’t even need to look into OmniFocus to go through the daily tasks. In other situations, OmniFocus is really necessary to remind of today’s priorities. OmniFocus cannot … Continue reading

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5 things to keep out of OmniFocus

OmniFocus makes it deceptively easy to quickly add and organize tasks and projects. But there is a trap in trying to keep all your stuff in one place. First, no software is fit for all purposes; and second no software … Continue reading

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