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Academic writing, task management, and OmniFocus

Task management systems, invented to increase focus and productivity, may become a source of distraction and procrastination. I certainly learned that when I tried to integrate my academic writing with OmniFocus. OmniFocus provides reminders, information, and space to decide what should … Continue reading

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5 things to keep out of OmniFocus

OmniFocus makes it deceptively easy to quickly add and organize tasks and projects. But there is a trap in trying to keep all your stuff in one place. First, no software is fit for all purposes; and second no software … Continue reading

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OmniOutliner is one of my favorite and most frequently used Mac apps. It is indispensable for preparing writing outlines, lectures, talks and project plans. There is plenty of other outlining software (often combined with mind-mapping), but none matches OmniOutliner in … Continue reading

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To remember it later and to remember it now: from to-do lists to a task management system

If you are a knowledge worker, then deciding what to do (and what not to do) is a key part of your job. It is not the easy part either: in fact, deciding what to do is often  more difficult than … Continue reading

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Should PowerPoint be banned?

My favorite podcaster Lucy Kellaway went into an open attack on PowerPoint (for those who wonder, Power Point is Windows presentation software also used by Mac users who have not discovered Apple Keynote). Not only did Lucy join the Anti-Power Point Party … Continue reading

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Linking email to action: reference, calendars, to-do and reading lists

My email organizing sounds so surprisingly simple because I do not use email for managing any critical information, such as reminders, reading materials, or references. I try to spend as little time as possible working with email and still get … Continue reading

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On refrigerator notes, the fear of forgetting, and the craft of organizing

“Don’t forget to remember important things!” said a note on a friend’s refrigerator. How true and how sarcastic! True, because our information-age lives are filled with the angst of forgetting. Sarcastic, because each thing is important in its own context, that’s when … Continue reading

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