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Papers 2 is here!

My earlier post on Papers and Sente said that the biggest disadvantage of Papers is that it does not allow working with bibliographies. This has changed in Papers 2 immediately bridging the gap between pdf file management and scholarly referencing. As a … Continue reading

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Using Sente and Papers to handle references and bibliographies

Sente and Papers are popular Mac utilities to handle academic articles. Papers focus on organization, reading and annotation of articles, whereas Sente’s primary function is bibliography management (citing articles in your own publications and creating bibliography lists). This post covers … Continue reading

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Handling academic articles through Papers

To handle academic articles through Papers you may want to arrange the following settings for your Papers library:

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Storing and naming reference files

This post originally written in February 2011 was updated in August 2011. The reader should also read the post on Revisiting Reference Files. I name reference files in accordance with the bibliographic convention as follows: Author Date Title @a (e.g. “Smith … Continue reading

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